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#FaceMaskSelfies - who cares, just do it!

So...I'm GUILTY. But then again I have posted some of the most completely awful, unflattering photos of myself. Why? Because what you see is what you get with me, and maybe, just maybe something that I've typed up or taken a photo of has helped someone somewhere. So while all of these cute beauty influencers post the most adorable pictures in their face masks, I look like Shrek. But I'm ok with that. Don't ask me how to take a cute face mask picture, clearly I don't know (look below). But I still want to see all of your #FaceMaskSelfies just do it!!!


To me, a face mask is a special treat for my skin that I only use about once, maybe twice a week. Face masks are relaxing and luxurious and they are part of my special self-care routine. I always feel like I've done something wonderful for myself after using my sheet masks.

Where to buy face masks? Well, Amazon is always ready for you to add something to your cart, but if you are up for a little scavenger hunt go to TJ Maxx or Marshall's and take a peek. Download the YUKA app and scan products there! If you have never heard of the app check it out - it is not 100% accurate, but it will give you a good idea of the quality of the product you are scanning.

Here are some different types of face masks that I love.

This is a great mask from the brand Mary & May. Not only is it a fantastic product with great ingredients, but look at how they are dispensed!!! So convenient! You get 30 for $22.50 not bad!

This mask is soooooo much fun! This is a carbonated clay bubble mask. It makes you look ridiculous after you put it on, and for some reason that is exciting for me. This one gives your pores a good clean out and is a great detoxifier. It's just fun, and $9 bucks, come on, be ridiculous with me!

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